Thursday, September 20, 2012

Our Dogs over the Years

                                                ' Three Generations '

                My favorite picture of all times!  I am on the far right, in the middle is my granddaughter, Ally, and then on the far left is my daughter, Cindy (also Ally's mother!).  We did very well indeed that day, with all of our girls winning!

                                 Merry Christmas from the Bahamas!  

These are two of our 'puppies' (who are now six years old!!)  who moved to the beautiful Bahamas with their family!  <3 this picture!  Thank you Mary Ann and family!  what a beautiful family and Christmas card!!

                       Our Beautiful foundation Ch. Gayle Winds Chloe

                                    My beautiful Ch. Sea Biscuit 'Muck'

We have so many beautiful pups produced from our gorgeous and now retired Muck.  He came to all the way from the Netherlands.  He brought not only sound structure to our line, but the most sweet and gentle personalities.

       One of our beautiful foundation dogs  Gayle Winds Gidget

I LOVE this picture,, this is my daughter Cindy, and my now 18 year old grand daughter Keen!

                            Wishing our many friends a Merry Christmas! 

                     Dick and I and our Mariah sailing to the Bahamas!

                                                              A puppy basket!   

                                                              My Beautiful Mariah

                                            Mariah and her Puppies back in 2006